Does pregnancy pose any risk to the Classical Type?

Pregnancy in the Classical Type of EDS bears risk for the newborn as well as for the woman. Premature rupture of the membranes (if the fetus is affected) and prematurity are common. In the severe (gravis) form of classical EDS, prematurity occurs in approximately 50% of the cases, whereas in the mild (mitis) form, prematurity does not occur more frequently than normal. Breech presentation is more frequent if the baby is affected, due to hypotonia, and may lead to dislocation of the hips or shoulder of the newborn. In the affected woman, extension of episiotomy incisions, tearing of the perineal skin by forceps and prolapse of the uterus and/or bladder may occur after delivery. As a whole, these complications are more frequent than in the normal population; however, it is difficult to quantitate the incidence of each individual complication in affected individuals, since no good studies exist.

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