I have heard that aspirin should be avoided by people with vascular EDS. What about other drugs?

Most drugs, including aspirin, can be used with the approval of a physician. Drugs that induce hypertension are not a good idea. Aspirin can be used when blood vessels are narrowed by a dissection, particularly in vessels that feed the brain, to maintain flow. So there is never a never with medications and it is always a matter of appropriate care. Answered by Peter Byers, MD and Melanie Pepin, MS, CGC

With respect to inadvertently elevating blood pressure, patients/physicians should be mindful of the impact that certain kinds of drugs may have on those with EDS, especially those with the Vascular EDS. The possibility exists that the Vascular patient may have undiagnosed aneurysms.

"Over-the-counter" medications that include decongestants can drive your blood pressure up. These are used in cold/sinus/cough preparations. Pure "antihistamines" without are generally safe, as are several prescription preparations. Control of high blood pressure may help prevent some aneurysms. Control of all risk factors associated with atherosclerotic disease (diet, exercise, cholesterol control) may help prevent aneurysms or their complications. [Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia entry on Aneurysm]

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