Should EDS patients not have chemical induced stress tests?

Clinicians and physicians should take this into consideration. It is recommended that a routine noninvasive cardiovascular evaluation should be performed in all patients with EDS in order to exclude valvular heart disease and dilation of the aortic root or of other vessels, including the coronary arteries. [Di Mario et al. 1998 Jpn Heart J 29 (4): 491–6]

In Vascular EDS patients, an abnormally low intima-media thickness generates a higher wall stress than in control subjects at the site if an elastic artery, which may increase the risk if arterial dissection and rupture. [Boutouyrie et al. "Increase Carotid all Stress in Vascular EDS." Circulation 2004; 109: 1530–1535]

Carotid arteries, but not aorta and radial artery, displayed abnormal elastic properties in spontaneous cervical artery dissection patients. Higher stiffness of carotid wall material and circumferential wall stress could increase the risk of dissection in these patients. [Calvet D. et al. Stroke 2004; 35: 2078]

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