What are some of the common podiatry problems associated with laxity?

A delay in the onset of walking is common in individuals with familial ligamentous laxities. Some of the complaints of ligamemtary laxity are hallux valgus with metatarsus primus adductus, hallux limitus, flexor stabilization-type hammertoes, plantar fascitis, hindfoot degenerative joint disease, derangement of the knee, clubbed foot, rotated hips, increased femoral anteversion, webbed toes, curled/clawtoes, in-toeing or out-toeing, and flatfeet.

Complaints of foot and leg pain and fatigue are common, especially cramping of muscles, particularly at night. Pain is a significant problem.  Atrophy caused because of low muscle tone. Protective and supportive measures such as molded ankle foot orthoses many be necessary to support the child with ligamentous laxity for ambulation and to prevent injuries. Agnew P. "Evaluation if the child with ligamentous laxity.

Resource:  " Clin Podiatr Med Surg 1997 14 (1): 117–30.]

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